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THE contact point for young Viennese people and visitors to Vienna. Our jugendinfo information centre provides information and advice on issues which are of interest to young people. In addition, you can buy low-priced concert tickets and get information about the EU’s YOUTH IN ACTION programme.

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wienXtra’s  huge music programme. soundbase provides support wherever it is needed by young aspiring musicians: gigs, workshops, meetings with professional musicians, feedback, insights into the music business, rehearsal rooms and demo recordings – soundbase helps young musicians on their journey towards professionalism.

Jugendlicher dreht an einer Filmspule
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The main focus of our media centre is creative media experiments with activities covering all areas from radio, video, press, TV, Web, photography to VJing. In addition, the media centre also provides project support and equipment. The absolute highlights of the mz calendar are the Vienna Video and Film Days.


Every Thursday, wienXtra’s youth cinema screens film highlights for young cinema aficionados. Film talks with experts add to the excitement of these events. GAFFA, the international film festival for young people, which takes place every two years in autumn, has become a key date in our events calendar.

wienXtra for young people

Information, consulting services and extensive leisure programme for young people: concerts, sports events, parties, workshops, etc.

Babenbergerstraße 1 / Ecke Burgring
1010 Wien

business hours:
Mo-Sa 12:00-19:00

Tel. +43/1/1799


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