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Youth Work – Lessons from Corona

07th - 08th Juni 2021
10:00 - 15:30

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The barcamp

Come together with many other youth workers and stakeholders to discuss and learn from our experiences in this past year! For this online BarCamp we have prepared two interactive inputs sessions, the first one on Monday, June 7th with Ms. Caroline Culen from the Austrian Children’s League on the “Effects of the crisis on young people.” On Tuesday 8th, the RAY-NETWORK will be presenting their latest results from their transnational research on the “Impact of the crisis on youth work”.

The rest of the programme is reserved for your workshops and topics! You can download the programme here!

The Corona crisis is still ongoing with disastrous consequences, especially for young people. The perspective is that it will continue to be with us in the medium and long term. Vaccination campaigns have been launched across Europe, but restrictions to contain the pandemic still have Europe firmly in their grip.

Youth work also faces a gigantic challenge. Most traditional channels for youth work are currently still blocked or severely restricted. In addition, the youth sector faces many challenges beyond the health crisis: depression, massive youth unemployment, and educational inequalities, to name a few.

With society in official isolation, only digital channels remain a stable option: online recreational activities, webinars, and social media have become standard tools for youth work in crisis. From this perspective, many questions arise: what will youth work look like after this crisis? Will it just continue as before, or will there be a radical transformation of youth work in Vienna and worldwide? What will remain? What will change in a sustainable way?

This BarCamp will try to find answers to these questions with experiences from different cities and youth work institutions all over Europe.

  • The BarCamp offers the space for an analysis of the current situation of youth work in Europe.

  • Through the BarCamp European patterns shall be identified. Were there similar approaches, what was solved differently?

  • Exchange of best practices. Participants also have the possibility to present their own topics.
  • The conference offers an orientation for the further design of youth work at the local level.

  • The most important goal at the moment is to provide a platform to discuss the future of youth work. 


Target Group:
Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth work educators and decision makers in the Youth Sector.

Online Platform:
The BarCamp will take place with Zoom. 

Working language:

WIENXTRA - Institute for leisure time pedagogy (Institut für Freizeitpädagogik) in Vienna, Austria.
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Aldo Perez - International Youth Work
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Participation fee:
This actvitiy is completely free of charge!

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