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At wienXtra-kinderinfo – the information centre for kids you get all information about leisure time offers for children and families in Vienna free of charge! In person, on the phone and online: The info space in the MuseumsQuartier is open daily except Mondays.

More than 500 different programmes, information brochures, books and magazines are at your disposal and there is room for children to play, read and draw, so they don't get bored while the adults get informed.
Discover events or course providers and venues which are interesting for children in Vienna on the kinderinfo-lists: playgrounds, swimming pools, child-friendly restaurants, sports clubs and many more:

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wienXtra-kinderaktiv: event calendar for children up to 13 years
Order the kinderaktiv-programme for free! With the free kinderaktivcard you receive great special offers and discounts for children, parents, grandparents and everyone who attends events with children.

wienXtra-ferienspiel: holiday programme for children in Vienna
There are ferienspiel passes for winter-, semester- and summer holidays (age group 6-10 and 10-13). The passes are distributed in Viennese schools and they are available for free in the wienXtra-kinderinfo. There is a wide range of activities to choose from for every day of the holidays – free or at a reduced fare with the ferienspiel pass.

wienXtra-spielebox (games library)
Rent board and palour games at very low costs and visit game days and workshops for children and adults.

children and youth cinema wienXtra-cinemagic
Screenings for children from 3 years. Film education and participatory activities enrich the film experience.

On the go in Vienna: the Wiener Linien
(Vienna public transport network including underground, tramway and bus)
Children under the age of six travel free on Vienna's public transport network. Children under the age of fifteen travel free on Sundays, public holidays and during Vienna school holidays. Find out how you get from A to B by public transport:, phone: +43-1-7909-100 (Mon till Fri 6 am – 10 pm, Sat, Sun, holidays 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)
Free App: qando

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